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Sep 15, 2012 12:30pm PDT
. citations have been paid. they have conducted at least one cultural orientation in japantown. i do believe the first set of proposed conditions you received several weeks ago when they first appeared were when concerns were at their highest and they were recommending denial, but since then, the applicant and the northern station has come to an agreement. now they are recommending approval. i will let them speak. >> gentleman? >> at the last hearing you requested three items. the first is the ticket. we take care of that. the second is security. we of state security -- we updat -- upped security for the weekend. good second is the bartender, and third thing is we have a meeting, so we showed them the venue. we took them to the venue and walk them through the plans, and he is ok with it. i left the card for nicklaus, so you are welcome to talk with him. >> before we hear from the police department, to the commissioners have any questions for the applicant? >> i have a question for staff. you included in the binders petition for contacts, but the application was not here? >> it was only for
Aug 31, 2012 9:07pm PDT
to the japantown vote. the developer tried to diminish the cherry blossom festival food fair, which is right by his condos that were built at a site where the japantown residents were being evicted many years ago. that is ridiculous, but it is beside the point. you have an opportunity to preserve this historic building. i urge you to do that, please. thank you. >> a couple more speakers. [reading names] >> good afternoon. i am a member of senior action network. our board has recently voted to ask you to disapprove the proposed project. i am here to explain our position to you can read parts of our letter. we want to thank you for listening to the residence of the neighborhood. we want a project that incorporates the historical is significant church and as desirable neighborhood amenities, such as a community room, st. setbacks. passing the motion of disapproval is only beginning of what the citizens of san francisco want and need. to spend five years, the city has been challenged with too expensive lawsuits the existing structure has been allowed to deteriorate, a significant cultural artifacts hav
Sep 1, 2012 12:37pm PDT
to lots of businesses, but just one guy from japantown? is that it? >> there was only one resident apartment, so most likely the next door business owner. >> there are several community groups in the area around japantown. >> he was out on vacation, so we left a message. we talk to the secretary, and she does not know when he is coming back, but we left a message. as soon as he comes back, we will contact him. >> maybe if you will just have a seat, and we will let the police department -- is there somebody here from the station? >> good evening, commissioners. goowe would like it clearly stad they have a police two personnel while they are doing karaoke, anytime they are doing business. they did show me the of grated video surveillance and were going to provide it, maintain its 430 days. we would also like that as a condition -- maintained it -- maintain it for 30 days. we would also like that as a condition. nobody contacted me in a negative manner, so that goes well. the main thing we are looking for is security officers at all times and maintenance. >> may i ask a question? >> y
Sep 6, 2012 12:00pm PDT
antonini, already sank my 10,000 bucks. [ laughter] >> i had a couple meeting from japantown neighborhood planning process. i think if the director could get with staff and perhaps schedule an update status report on that process. my understanding is there is a new report by cy-fall with respect to ideas regarding the social heritage district, so it might be timely just to have an update for the commission, thanks. >> thank you. commissioners, if there are no other comments we can move on to director's report, announcements and review the past events that the board of supervisors, board of appeals and historic preservation commission. >> thank you, linda. good afternoon, commissioners. welcome back from a much-deserved break. just wanted to update you on a couple things. first what was in your written report today, just wanted to highlight our property information map did win a government achievement award. i will say that map, the department gets many, many comments on the map and the convenience of that map and the use of that map. we get over 1,500 unique visits a day on that map, whic
Sep 28, 2012 11:30pm PDT
area. i have spend extensive amounts of time in japantown and the lower haight and upper haight and other neighbors of this district. and today we had actually three hearings. one that we were approached by members of the community, some community-based organizations. people wanted us to look at the african-american achievement gaps in high schools, which we also ended up talking about the latino achievement gaps and it was really alarming. very disappointing the statistics that we heard today. as miss johnson mentioned we're asking that the housing authority hearings finally be made public, because we need more transparency this and we're asking for a right to return to public housing. we wrote legislation about that, so we have been spending tons of time in the community. >> miss selby. >> i just wanted to say what i want for this district, i don't have the advantage of actually being in office now, but what i want for this district is a safe and thriving district and i want a strong voice for neighborhoods at city hall. i'm the only mother who is running and when i win, i w
Sep 5, 2012 1:00am PDT
, peers and scott. i just want to verify that is consistent. >> would you like me to put the japantown later up? >> yes, thank you. i would first suggest the block. >> deviation would become -4.5% for district two, and for district 5, -2.8%. >> i would then move down one block. >> the highlighted area -- the deviation would become -4.8%. deviation of district 5 would become 1.61%. >> can i ask for clarity on the block to the right as opposed to the bottom going down? >> yes. >> cell -- so deselct this and select this? the highlighted area has a population of 270. the deviation of district two -- 5 would become 1.76%. >> i'm not quite sure on the numbers that we need. if we can look at california and links between 25 and 27 -- one moment please. >> could i just offer an observation? i understand the logic, i think, of trying to get it moving between one and two, but just an observation that the 25th avenue boundary is as it stands now, but we have moved blocks on the eastern side that are now in district two over to district 1, and that is another way that we could accomplish -- >> i wo
Aug 31, 2012 8:37pm PDT
hold off. >> i kind of lean towards, this is a key piece for japantown. eileen towards -- i lean towards approving in asking the neighbors to try to work it out to go above and beyond the sound proofing requirements the entertainment commission is going to put on them. hopefully, by then, when you go before the entertainment commissce of improved soundproofing to protect the neighbors. let me see were all to go with this. commissioner sugaya: i have a side question. could you explain -- 3d owns the buildings further to the east, across the bridge? >> yes -- commissioner sugaya: are you involved in management- ownership? >> just 1881, which consists of sundance and on the spot -- and the spa. it affects both of them, especially the spa. commissioner sugaya: the lessee of the restaurant leases the property from the other owners. >> yes. >> what percentage of the spa has shared walls with the proposed subject? >> i do not know the exact -- they are the ones who have been getting several complaints. people asking for their money back, saying that it is not relaxing. it is not relaxin
Sep 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
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Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)